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Restoring Humanity/Youth Work

03 June 2020

The direct work with young people has temporarily come to a stop. At the same time, there has been ongoing support for the Restoring Humanity facilitators and young people using WhatsApp and social media tools. Most of them are going through a tough time. The communities where they live is mostly overcrowded. With lockdown, they have nowhere to go and are boxed in with extended family structures. For those studying, it is particularly hard, they have no quiet space to focus on studies, the small work opportunities some had slipped away. Healing of Memories facilitators are providing support to those who are in need.

Despite all this, facilitators are responding to the needs in their communities. Liso Madikane from Masiphumele and DewaldBoltney from Atlantis/ Mamre are involved in feeding schemes in their communities. Working with others particularly to the most vulnerable, the children, people with disabilities and the elderly in the areas where they live. Being mindful to treat the children and all those they serve with dignity and love in a situation that so easily can scar them irrevocably. They also use this opportunity to educate the youngsters on CIVID 19. The Restoring humanity team is supporting where it can.

Mishkaah Williams joined Restoring Humanity programme when she was a learner at one of the High schools where the program was offering. Since then she has been part of numerous Restoring Humanity projects as a participant, then a trainee facilitator and now she is one of our facilitators. As she journeyed with us she completed a BA degree and qualified as an educator. This year she started her teaching career. In Delft, the community where she lives, she is assisting the children in her street to continue their education during the lockdown period. Encouraging them to read and giving them the time and attention to blossom, one child at a time. 

Zolani Mfihlo is an artist who lives in Mfuleni. He uses his art to develop youth consciousness about social injustices. The Restoring Humanity project has been partnering with his youth group for a number of years. He is also one of our facilitators. Presently he is working with young people using social media to write poetry and songs to share their COVID19 experiences. 

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