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Restoring Humanity/Youth Work

25 March 2020

The Restoring Humanity activities for the year kicked off on the 6 January when we hosted a group of young people from the Church of Sweden. The purpose was to share and reflect on the work of the organisation. There was an interesting discussion on the past and present situation in South Africa with a focus on our apartheid history and its ongoing impact in the country. The group also participated in a team-building exercise.

Some of the observations and questions from the group included '' The longer we are here, the more we see the complexity of the situation; there is no easy solution to make everyone get same opportunities; how does the school talk and teach about apartheid today; is there a big difference between schools in different areas; what do you think is the biggest difference between the people in townships and in rich areas? Why does so many people not like the solution, to give back what apartheid took away from the oppressed...?

Toward the end of January the 'Restoring Humanity Youth Project' invited past and present youth facilitators to a meeting. The gathering was mainly to reflect on the journey facilitators have travelled with the project. They also reflected on the impact on their lives outside the project focusing on their personal lives and communities. Secondly, to share plans for this year, in terms of youth programmes that will be implemented and the contribution facilitators could make since some of them started the journey 9 years ago. Some have become parents, gotten married, qualified as teachers, social workers, are building careers in the arts and so on.

This group assisted in mobilising and organising the first Restoring Humanity facilitators training that took place in February. It brought together young people between the ages of 19 to 25 from Delft, Khayelitsha, Samora Machell, Langa, Belhar, Masiphumelele and Mfuleni to be trained as facilitators. Participants were introduced to the history, work and ethos of IHOM, they then explored various facilitation methods and skills needed for facilitation.


The focus of the youth work for 2020 will be Gangsterism and its impact in communities and develop strategies for young people to intervene. One of this will be the Boys to Men project that will specifically address toxic masculinity and the link between gangsterism and gender based violence.

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