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Healing of Memories Workshop/Support

03 June 2020

Dear Fr Michael and Bridget,

Thank you for the opportunity to attend the Healing of Memories Facilitator Training. It is a great honor that you’ve seen the potential in me to represent the institute in much-needed healing of our precious land and its people. 

As you know I attended the Healing of Memories workshop back in 2014 but hesitated at the invite received in 2015 to train as a facilitator because of a number of personal reasons. One was that I needed to heal a great part of the story that I told back in 2014 and the other reason was that I just didn’t feel ready. Facilitator training is a calling and I did not believe I was called back then but rather saw that I had received a call to heal and explore this methodology. 

What I had experienced last year at the facilitator training was totally unexpected. I was first taken aback by the larger percentage of male vs female participants which automatically made me feel that whatever would happen I would be less open to share. However, Divine intervention will always be what sets the tone in spaces of healing.  

“The more room you give yourself to express your true thoughts and feelings, the more room there is for your wisdom to emerge”  

Yesterday, 19 November almost a year since the facilitator training, I had the opportunity to address a group made of missionaries, non- profit organization leaders and employees in a Victim Empowerment/ Domestic Violence Programme. I shared with them my journey through Healing of Memories and how the process has helped me to become empowered that I can address a Group, not as a survivor but one who has overcome and can see how the weakest point in my life has been transformed.  

When I started with the programme I was healing from a divorce but as I peeled layers and layers away, there were far deeper roots to unhappiness. At the core of it I had to deal with my father and although loving and a great provider, my seven-year-old self needed him to be there when he was not. 

This unknowingly had affected my relationships and subconsciously didn’t expect people to be there and where your mind or dominant thoughts are becoming your reality.  

The Healing of Memories has been a process that has allowed me to ignite my divine potential through a period of healing and to become more conscious of how we subconsciously add to social ills when we have not to heal or show the desire to heal. The process has made me courageous in sharing my story but having been through such a transformation, the peace found around address the issue is unexplainable. I did not realise how much my unforgiveness did not even release my ex-husband to face his issue that he had been masking because subconsciously I was carrying my pain and masking his. When I completely released him, his life turned around with devastating consequences but giving him an opportunity to heal too, whether he is conscious of that or not. With my father, after releasing him last year, I phoned him and he cried. This year, he ventured on a trip to the Us with my mother- he had the fear of movement and feared flying so much but this year he did it and I believe that this too has something to do with an aspect of my healing. Healing doesn’t just release or relieve us who are wounded but allows those we have been carrying to face their own healing. 

I have the courage to quit my job as the head of the non- profit that I conceptualized, to work more freely to be able to facilitate healing in communities from young children through curriculum development, training and supporting educators. I thank you for being so committed to the healings of memories and look forward to working with you more frequently in 2020. Healing is what would move the country forward. Thank you for that realization and for committing your life to it. 

God bless 


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