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Healing of Memories Reflection: Tumo Bopape from South Africa

14 August 2020

Drawing: This session created space for me to think deeply about myself, other people, and what surrounds me in light of the global pandemic. I guess I have to confess that the idea of the workshop to get us to express our feelings through drawing seemed like a challenge at first but helped to awaken interest in self-reflection. The background music set the tone and sort of advanced the process in that it helped me to relax; and the nervousness soon disappeared.  

It’s not always easy to reveal what is within vs what is in the mind. Feelings are essential elements in recognizing who we are; but, it is not easy to find the tools, which will let us externalize them; as it is common that we do not often know how to express what we are feeling. Through drawing, I was able to translate several internal aspects of myself that verbal language could not project.  

Plenary session and breaking into small groups: The exchange of experiences through the drawings on the other hand helped to strengthen once expressive ability. I also enabled us to link external issues to several aspects of our personal lives.

Felicity our facilitator asked intimate questions like, what did I do? What was done to me? And what did I fail to do? In answering these questions through our drawings we were expressing and describing our feelings, which is not the same thing. In essence, we were projecting who we are in the face of COVID19.   

Plenary session:  Issues/ Feelings/Questions: This session has helped me to identify destructive feelings and feelings that can be life-giving. The massage that I received from this session was that we do not have to keep destructive feelings within ourselves otherwise they will consume us but we must be able to let go and cherish that which is life-giving.

Closing ceremony: This little ritual left me thinking about the essential workers who were called to service in the frontline against COVID19. It doesn’t look like COVID19 will leave us anytime soon but in absence of faith, there is hope for a bigger and brighter future.                

Verbal evaluations: With our participation, the facilitators were able to easily nudge us towards a particular point of view.   

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